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Micayla Brooks Joins the Criterium Team

Micayla Brooks 1

As Criterium’s Vice President, Client Success,  Micayla Brooks leads the Client Success team in developing and executing strategies to improve the client experience, build lasting client relationships, and expand our client base. This includes evaluating and enhancing business systems and processes to ensure positive client experiences and outcomes—client cultivation, proposal development, assembly of project teams,….


Welcome Martha Page to Criterium!

martha page

Martha Page recently joined Criterium Engineers as a Project Engineer. She’s working primarily in the Homeowner Association (HOA) business segment services, such as reserve studies and transition studies. She belongs to an HOA and is familiar with that market. She also continues to work as a licensed real estate agent. Martha is a Maine Maritime….


Shine a Light on Safety

lighting safety 1

Lighting Safety – Exterior Lighting Plans and Considerations Maine is blessed with a special quality of life. It does not have the crime rates and urban violence found in some parts of the country, but some condominium and homeowner associations still recognize a need for security tools such as key fobs, Ring doorbell systems, cameras,….


Building Science: 101 Ventilation Best Practices

ventilation best practices 2

With winter approaching, I am often asked what cold-weather planning the building committee should be considering. Surprise is expressed when I suggest the condominium’s attics and their venting. It is true an attic only needs one tenth the ventilation in the winter than in the summer to control moisture buildup and temperature, but the wintertime….


Innovations Transform the Building Inspection Process

technology and innovations

Emerging technology and innovation are continually transforming the building construction inspection process. Criterium Engineers evaluates and adopts appropriate new technologies to provide additional knowledge and information for our clients. Two inspection innovations in particular—the use of drones and thermal imaging—have been change drivers for Criterium Engineers in recent years, reaching areas that were previously unattainable….


Don’t Look Up, Down, or Away!

Don’t Look Up Down or Away

Tackling Condo Projects Of course, this is a play on the title of the popular Netflix movie Don’t Look Up, starring an ensemble cast including Leonardo DiCaprio, Meryl Streep, and Jennifer Lawrence. So, what does this Top 10 ranked film by the National Board of Review and American Film Institute have to do with condo….


Why Plan a New Roof Now?

why plan a new roof now

Analyze Cost and Replacement Options When was the last time you hired a contractor? When was the last time you checked construction material costs? You are in for a shock. With a shortage in skilled workers, supply chain uncertainty, and inflationary pressure on petroleum products (shingles, underlayment, etc.), just finding a contractor willing to commit….


HOA Client Services Introduces New Planning Tool

New HOA Planning Tool

A differentiating factor when working with Criterium Engineers on a reserve study or other homeowner association (HOA) project is that our licensed, Professional Engineers conduct the work and are always available to answer questions—long after the work is completed. Now, an additional differentiator is being introduced that will have long-term impacts for HOA boards and….


Masonry Myths

masonry myths 1

Addressing the Reality Since brick masonry exterior facades are supposed to have useful lives of 100 years or more, a prevalent myth is masonry facades are virtually maintenance free, needing little discussion by the condo board, and a rare cost item in reserve fund studies. In reality, masonry maintenance is discussed often with a great….


Building Maintenance Check List

building maintenance check list

A Proactive Approach is Best If you are responsible for your condo or HOA’s physical condition, this is no time to relax. Planning now can pay big dividends in being able to hire a repair contractor before the spring/summer crunch arrives. With that in mind, the following list can provide a guide to issues for….