Other Services

In addition to the primary service areas described elsewhere on this site, Criterium Engineers also provides:

  • Design and design repair services. Some engineering firms will diagnose a problem and wish you luck resolving it.  Criterium Engineers will recommend solutions for the issues we identify and design the repair required to implement the solutions.
  • Pre- and post-blast damage inspections. If a property owner or the owner of a neighboring property is doing construction-related blasting, Criterium Engineers will perform pre- and post-blast structural inspections to establish a “before and after” comparison that can be used to document whether there is blast-related damage.
  • Seismic damage inspections. Seismic events are most common on the west coast, but fault lines and earthquake risks can be found in other parts of the country as well.  Criterium’s licensed, Professional Engineers have the training, building knowledge and inspection experience to identify both the obvious damage and the less apparent structural problems seismic events can cause.
  • Façade inspections. Cracks, chips, shifting or detaching materials, are all signs that something has gone wrong with a façade. The questions are “what” and “why.”  Criterium Engineers can find the answers.  Some municipalities require the owners of high-rises to have licensed, Professional Engineers inspect the facades periodically, and Criterium Engineers performs these proactive inspections, as well.

When we say Criterium Engineers is a full-service construction engineering consultant, it’s not hyperbole; it’s a statement of fact. Contact us by clicking the “Request a Proposal” button below to request the structural inspection, analysis, diagnostics, problem-solving or advice you need for properties you own or are planning to buy.

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