Insurance Investigations

Criterium Engineers performs forensic insurance investigations to analyze what caused the damage to a property, so insurers can determine whether the owner’s insurance policy covers the claim. Did the accumulation of snow cause the roof to collapse, or was a flaw in the construction or the design responsible for the failure?  With our decades of experience inspecting buildings of all kinds, and our deep understanding of building systems and technology, Criterium Engineers is well-equipped to answer that question. Our services for forensic insurance investigations include:

  • Structural Inspections
  • Water Intrusion Investigations
  • Storm Damage Assessments (flood, hurricane, tornado, earthquake, hail, wind, etc.)
  • Fire Evaluations
  • Expert Testimony
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Design Repair and Monitoring

Experts in design repair and construction monitoring, our engineers can also recommend the necessary repairs, estimate the cost, develop the project design and monitor the construction work. Criterium Engineers also produces the Probable Maximum Loss studies insurers use to assess the risks associated with insuring a property and calculate the appropriate premium for it.

Because Criterium Engineers is a national company, with affiliates in communities all over the country and expertise in building systems, building technology and buildings of all kinds, we can provide a one-stop shopping solution for insurance companies.  We understand the needs of insurance professionals:

  • A property evaluation performed quickly; and
  • A clear, quality report delivered on time

Criterium Engineers meets those needs.

Our geographical reach, broad and deep building inspection and construction monitoring experience, and the range of engineering consulting services we offer, explain why so many insurance companies have Criterium Engineers on speed dial. Contact us for more information about how Criterium Engineers can support and strengthen your insurance investigations and claims review process.

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