Consulting Engineering Services for Homeowner Associations

A homeowner association undertaking a renovation, repair or modification project knows that expert support for such a significant investment is essential.  An understanding of HOAs is also essential – and rare.  Criterium Engineers offers both.  We are the oldest nationwide building inspection company in the country. Our engineers have inspected more than 850,000 buildings of all kinds over the past of 65 years. We have also worked with thousands of homeowner associations of all sizes.  We don’t just understand an association’s buildings; we understand the unique challenges HOAs face and the unique solutions they often require.

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Diagnosing the problem:  We find the cause before recommending the cure

If your roof is leaking, does it need to be repaired or replaced?  A visual inspection may answer that question, but some problems lie beneath the surface. So we’ll drill deeper, if necessary, to find the underlying problems that need to be addressed.

Practical solutions: We look for cost-effective solutions

There are often many ways to solve a problem, but the circumstances and constraints of individual clients may make some solutions more feasible than others.  We first identify the solutions that make sense, then we develop practical solutions that identify the most cost-effective options. Our approach is both professional and practical. We focus on the engineering issues, but we also consider the impacts on the association’s budget and its residents.

Designing the project: We sweat (and spec) the details

After the board selects a solution, Criterium Engineers will design the project required to implement it.  Designing means describing in detail the scope of the work, the materials to be used, and the construction quality standards that must be met.  Criterium will also review the bids submitted by prospective contractors to make sure they accurately reflect the project’s scope and specifications and then help the board select a contractor capable of delivering the promised work at the promised price.

Construction consulting and monitoring: We keep you in control of your project

Our monitoring begins before there is anything to monitor, with an on-site kick-off meeting to go over the project details with the contractor.  The goal is to make sure the project starts on the right foot and remains on the right path.  After construction begins, Criterium Engineers will inspect the work at critical milestones to verify that key requirements and construction quality standards are being met.  These site visits also enable Criterium Engineers to identify problems or potential problems before they have been covered by a roof or hidden behind sheetrock.  Effective monitoring controls costs and reduces risks.

Contract administration:  We are thorough

Construction projects can generate reams of paperwork.  Competent, conscientious administration of the contract ensures that important details don’t get buried in that avalanche.  Criterium’s experienced engineers review construction forms, expense statements and requisition requests to verify that the contractor has submitted all the required documentation before payments are authorized for products or for performance benchmarks.

Litigation support:  We maintain the highest standards of honesty and integrity

No HOA wants to do battle with a contractor, but conflicts are sometimes unavoidable.  Criterium can provide litigation support if you need it. Our experienced engineers will:

  • Compile essential documentary evidence from construction records and public documents to help you negotiate a solution or pursue litigation if negotiation fails; and
  • Provide expert testimony, if needed. All engineers aren’t effective witnesses, but our litigation experts are among the industry’s best.

Criterium’s commitment:  We do our best for you

Quality assurance, risk reduction, and cost control. Our consulting services for homeowner associations are defined by these goals and anchored by our passion for the work we do, our dedication to the highest ethical and professional standards, and our determination to do the very best we can for every client we represent. If your HOA has a construction problem or needs assistance with a construction project, contact us by clicking on the “Request a Proposal” button below.  We’re ready to help.

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