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Why Plan a New Roof Now?

why plan a new roof now

Analyze Cost and Replacement Options When was the last time you hired a contractor? When was the last time you checked construction material costs? You are in for a shock. With a shortage in skilled workers, supply chain uncertainty, and inflationary pressure on petroleum products (shingles, underlayment, etc.), just finding a contractor willing to commit….


HOA Client Services Introduces New Planning Tool

New HOA Planning Tool

A differentiating factor when working with Criterium Engineers on a reserve study or other homeowner association (HOA) project is that our licensed, Professional Engineers conduct the work and are always available to answer questions—long after the work is completed. Now, an additional differentiator is being introduced that will have long-term impacts for HOA boards and….


Masonry Myths

masonry myths 1

Addressing the Reality Since brick masonry exterior facades are supposed to have useful lives of 100 years or more, a prevalent myth is masonry facades are virtually maintenance free, needing little discussion by the condo board, and a rare cost item in reserve fund studies. In reality, masonry maintenance is discussed often with a great….


Building Maintenance Check List

building maintenance check list

A Proactive Approach is Best If you are responsible for your condo or HOA’s physical condition, this is no time to relax. Planning now can pay big dividends in being able to hire a repair contractor before the spring/summer crunch arrives. With that in mind, the following list can provide a guide to issues for….


How Safe Is Your Deck?

May is National Deck Safety Month® and your spring maintenance checklist should include a thorough inspection of your deck and railings. It’s important to check their safety before the outdoor entertainment season begins with family gatherings and neighborhood barbecues taking place on your deck. Here are a few items to consider as you check your….


Offices of the Month: Criterium-Dotson Engineers and Criterium-Yancy Engineers

Dotson Yancy

Congratulations to David Dotson, P.E. and David Yancy, P.E.—our most recent Offices of the Month. The duo and their Texas-based teams are being recognized in their fulfillment of two specific elements of the Criterium Vision: We succeed through collaboration across our network and our commitment to continuous improvement in our professional knowledge and performance. We….


Client Spotlight: Maine Solar Solutions

On ☀️Solar Appreciation Day, Criterium Engineers 📐 celebrates our clients at Maine Solar Solutions, based in Freeport. Criterium provides structural evaluations for solar installation on residences and commercial buildings. . . . #solar #solarpower #solarenergy #energy #renewableenergy #solarpanels #solarpowered #gosolar #MaineSolarSolutions #structuralengineer #freeportmaine #structuralengineering #engineering #criteriumengineers #weknowbuildings

Sound Off: Noise in Communities


Good friends of mine just retired and decided to move into an upscale condominium community. I asked if it was difficult to adjust to downsizing after leaving the “big” house, and interestingly enough, I was told the size of the living space was not the problem, it was difficult to adjust to the surrounding sounds…..


Reserve Studies vs. Condition Assessment

Reserve Studies vs. Condition Assessment

Q: Over the past few months, I’ve heard a lot of discussion about reserve studies and condition surveys. Are these the same, and, if not, how do they differ, and why and when should our association obtain one? A: This is a great question because it is not asked often enough. I cannot count the number….


Making Tough Decisions

Addressing Building Issues With Caution Have you ever noticed how fashion and entertainment trends seem to start on the “Left Coast” and work their way across the country before finally arriving in Maine? I call this the “End of Route 95 Syndrome.” Of course, YouTube and other digital social media has sped things up a….