Building Envelope Commissioning

Building Envelope Commissioning is all-encompassing, addressing every aspect of the envelope system, from the bottom of the foundation to the top of the roof, and includes every phase of the skin, from the initial design concept through the construction and final occupancy.  The goal is to verify that the project specifications and requirements are incorporated in the design, interpreted accurately and implemented properly throughout the construction process.  A construction-experienced, licensed Professional Engineer is actively involved in a Criterium Engineers commissioning project, underscoring our commitment to maintaining the highest professional standards and offering the highest quality service for our clients, providing maximum ROI for your project.

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In the pre-design and design phases, Criterium Engineers works collaboratively with the owner, the architect and the contractor to determine whether the project design is viable and will achieve the desired goals.  Our experienced engineers will review specifications to ensure the compatibility of construction materials; identify materials and/or systems that may not perform as intended or desired; recommend design revisions and highlight design issues that may require modifications in the construction process.

In the construction phase, regular and frequent field inspections help to verify that systems are installed correctly and helps to identify construction errors or potential problems, which are tracked through resolution to ensure that they are corrected. Our ‘eyes wide open’ philosophy scrutinizes design intentions and specification details to ensure that all the construction I’s and T’s are dotted and crossed.

We also provide in-the-field training for the construction crews where necessary, coaching them on how to manage project challenges ─ unique window and penetration flashings, or complicated curtain walls, intersections and transitions are just a few examples.

During construction, we will conduct and oversee water leakage and air infiltration tests, (among others) following the AAMA and ASTM industry guidelines, to verify that the systems were installed correctly, that the enclosure is water tight, and that it meets the project specification requirements.

Although building enclosure commissioning is a Criterium Engineers specialty, our engineers are also certified to perform commissioning work for mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems.

The commissioning process will help to ensure that the project is constructed as designed and will perform as intended.  Criterium Engineers has been doing commissioning work for more than 15 years. With USGBC LEED and other sustainable building program certified professionals on our staff, we do building envelope and enclosure commissioning better than anyone in the industry. Contact us to discuss how Criterium Engineers can add value and confidence to your Building Envelope Commissioning project.

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