Offices of the Month: Criterium-Dotson Engineers and Criterium-Yancy Engineers

Congratulations to David Dotson, P.E. and David Yancy, P.E.—our most recent Offices of the Month. The duo and their Texas-based teams are being recognized in their fulfillment of two specific elements of the Criterium Vision: We succeed through collaboration across our network and our commitment to continuous improvement in our professional knowledge and performance. We….


Client Spotlight: Maine Solar Solutions

On ☀️Solar Appreciation Day, Criterium Engineers 📐 celebrates our clients at Maine Solar Solutions, based in Freeport. Criterium provides structural evaluations for solar installation on residences and commercial buildings. . . . #solar #solarpower #solarenergy #energy #renewableenergy #solarpanels #solarpowered #gosolar #MaineSolarSolutions #structuralengineer #freeportmaine #structuralengineering #engineering #criteriumengineers #weknowbuildings

Sarah Lafortune Joins Criterium Engineers

Sarah Lafortune recently joined Criterium Engineers. She joins our Operations/CES team as a project assistant working part-time supporting report distribution, project set up, and overall project administration. She’s also helping with staff travel arrangements. Sarah is a University of New England graduate Her background includes many years as an elementary school teacher, as well as a….


Sound Off: Noise in Communities

Good friends of mine just retired and decided to move into an upscale condominium community. I asked if it was difficult to adjust to downsizing after leaving the “big” house, and interestingly enough, I was told the size of the living space was not the problem, it was difficult to adjust to the surrounding sounds…..


Client Spotlight: Gulf of Maine Research Institute

GMRI Preserves Historic Working Waterfront Wharf The Gulf of Maine Research Institute (GMRI) recently purchased the Union Wharf property (pictured) in Portland’s Old Port district to protect and preserve working waterfront access. As part of that sale, Criterium Engineers performed enhanced commercial building inspections for a series of more than 50,000 square feet of warehouses,….


Welcome Jake Bergeron

Criterium Engineers is pleased to announce that Jake Bergeron — who has been an intern with the company since June 2020—recently joined the Sales & Marketing team as a Business Analyst. He first joined us as Risk Management & Insurance Intern in 2020. In early 2021, he moved to the Sales & Marketing team—first as….


Reserve Studies vs. Condition Assessment

Q: Over the past few months, I’ve heard a lot of discussion about reserve studies and condition surveys. Are these the same, and, if not, how do they differ, and why and when should our association obtain one? A: This is a great question because it is not asked often enough. I cannot count the number….


Criterium-McCafferty is Office of the Month

Criterium-McCafferty Engineers is our most recent “Office of the Month” in our North American affiliate network. Mark and Melissa McCafferty own this Colorado Springs area office. It’s always a pleasure to work with them when they call, was the agreed perspective by Criterium staff on working with this team. And, if we feel that way,….


Tips for Dealing with Winter

Winter is here across much of North America. This season plagues even the sturdiest among us—as with winter comes the inevitable storms of the season. Here are a few winter tips to help you prepare for and deal with the season: Insulate the attic to keep roof surface cold and help avoid ice dams. Maintain….


Welcome Tara Bunch

Criterium Engineers welcomes Tara Bunch, our new Affiliate Administrator. Tara has over two decades’ worth of client services and administrative experience and will be working closely with our senior vice president of franchise office operations as an additional resource for our affiliates. Tara will work with our affiliate offices on topics such as franchise agreement….