Hidden Dangers of Dryer Vents

Who would think venting a unit’s clothes dryer was so complicated?  When was the last time the cleanliness of dryer vents was on your Board’s meeting agenda? Yet, clothes dryers may be one of the most dangerous appliances in the home. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reports there are more than 15,000 home fires….


The Association Landscaper

Sure, it’s cold out there.  It’s Maine and we have long winters but if the condo board is to find a good landscaper for spring projects now’s the time to start looking.  Landscaping contractors are overhauling their equipment; looking for experienced crews; and scheduling their current customers, so if you wait till the frost is….


Transitions in Condominiums: Two Primary Elements

All things are in transition. Nature, the New England Patriots, and condo communities go through transitions. In the world of condos many of these transition milestones are well understood, many are not. Most know condos go through a transition management period from the developer to unit owner, but there is much more. Condo transition has….