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Designers rarely see how their buildings perform over time. There is probably no other firm in the country that has seen more buildings, has observed what can go wrong, and can provide more practical solutions than Criterium Engineers
We specialize in buildings, with an emphasis on existing buildings. Since 1957, we have consulted with clients on over 750,000 properties of every kind.
Arthur Tauscher, P.E., the company's founder, developed standardized procedures to ensure quality and consistency to prospective buyers. The focus has always been to provide our clients with a meaningful understanding of the property they own or want to buy. Criterium has continually refined our processes up to the present day with the same commitment to quality and client advocacy.
H. Alan Mooney, P.E., part of Criterium Engineers since 1974, purchased the corporation in 1988. He developed the Criterium Engineers identity to differentiate Criterium offices from unlicensed inspectors.
In 1990, Tauscher, Mooney, and Warren Cronacher, principal of Criterium Engineers’ New York office, established the National Academy of Building Inspection Engineers (NABIE), an affinity group of the National Society of Professional Engineers.  As an independent body, NABIE grants the designation Certified Building Inspection Engineer to qualified candidates.
Today Criterium Engineers has offices across the United States and Canada, and provides more than 20,000 building inspections annually. The systems developed by Criterium Engineers continue to set the national standard for the inspection industry.