Winter Is Coming—Are You Ready? 10 Tips to Help You Prepare

Can you believe winter officially begins in just over three weeks?! This season plagues even the sturdiest among us—as with winter comes the inevitable storms of the season.
Here are preventive tips to help you prepare for and deal with winter storms:

    1. Insulate the attic to keep roof surface cold and help avoid ice dams.
    2. Maintain emergency generator’s fuel supply.
    3. Drain outdoor hose bibs.
    4. Insulate pipes in basement and unheated spaces.
    5. Check battery-powered equipment, replace any weak or questionable batteries.
    6. Confirm operation of an alternative power source for any life support medical equipment in use.
    7. Fill the gas tank in your cars.
    8. Store drinking water in jugs, bottles, and bathtubs, in case you lose your source of water.
    9. Secure outdoor objects.
    10. Cautiously proceed with storm cleanup!