HOA Reserve Study: Why Hire a Professional Engineer?

reserve study why hire engineer

The time has come for your homeowners’ association (HOA) to complete a reserve study. Where do you begin? An online search presents a wide range of companies that perform reserve studies for homeowner associations and you may wonder, why hire a professional engineer?

Why Hire a Professional Engineer for Your Association’s Reserve Study?

Our licensed, Professional Engineers have completed thousands of homeowner association (HOA) projects and inspected more than 850,000 buildings of all kinds throughout North America in the last 65 years. Here’s how we are different.

Our licensed, Professional Engineers:

  • Bring an average of 25 years’ experience to our visual inspections
  • Conduct in-depth financial analysis using powerful software tools
  • Communicate and collaborate effectively with HOA leadership
  • Are subject to rigorous quality assurance reviews
  • Have Community Associations Institute (CAI) Reserve Specialist designation
  • Can perform enhanced reserve studies for HOAs needing further analysis and insight

A Licensed, Professional Engineer:

  • Is licensed by the state in which they practice
  • Has completed an accredited, degreed engineering program
  • Has four years of work under the direction of other engineers
  • Has passed a comprehensive two-day exam
  • Is accountable for their work by state law and a professional code of ethics

You Can Count on Criterium Engineers For:

  • Professionalism
  • Extensive experience with HOAs
  • Thoroughness
  • Respect for your concerns and questions
  • Quality service from one of the top firms in the industry

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