Criterium-Kessler (NV) Engineers – Office of the Month

Kessler office of monthCriterium Engineers headquarters is pleased to announce that Dan and Kelly Kessler—the new owners of the Criterium-Kessler Engineers in Las Vegas—were named office of the month.

The Kesslers also own Criterium–Kessler Engineers based in the in greater Phoenix area. The AZ affiliate office is in its fifth year and the #3 office in the entire Criterium organization.

Taking on the management of a second office takes passion, commitment, and dedication to ensure that the existing business maintains its current trajectory—while growing the new second office. In this case, the Kesslers are also taking on an office with a very different business mix. Their Phoenix office focuses on commercial, construction engineering services, and limited residential services. The Las Vegas office, which originally opened in 1994, has historically focused on residential home and structural inspections. It is an exciting opportunity for both offices to develop into providing the full spectrum of Criterium services.

Congratulations to the Kesslers team on being named office of the month, we wish you continued and new prosperity with your businesses.