HOA Webinar: Your Buildings & the Coronavirus for Managers & Board Members

Coronavirus Webinar for HOAs: Your Buildings & the Coronavirus

Managing a building in the coronavirus world is a new challenge. Criterium Engineers, building experts who have evaluated over 850,000 buildings across the U.S. and Canada in more than 60 years in business, presents this coronavirus webinar (YouTube format) for HOA managers and board members to help them learn more about this subject as they prepare to open common areas and buildings to residents and the general public.

Our webinar for HOAs includes discussion on:
• Building opportunities • Air quality improvement • Air dilution & filtration • And much more.

H. Alan Mooney, P.E.,Founding President
Rebecca Costigan, P.E., CEM, LEED-AP, Chief Engineer

One clarification from the video: a MERV 13 filter costs about three times as much as a MERV 8 filter, but the actual dollar amount (in May 2020) is $7.50 for MERV 8 and $25.00 for MERV 13, which is slightly more than what was stated in the video. It’s a modest investment with significant results.