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Foundation Forensics

Cracks in foundations are by far the most common structural complaint raised in either reserve fund studies or transition studies.  They can occur in the youngest or newest condo building.  As condo documents usually assign the maintenance responsibility of their repair to the association, board members and property managers take them very seriously.  Maine condo….


Hurricane Season is Here—Are You Ready?

The team at Criterium encourages commercial and residential property owners, property managers, and HOA board members to prepare for the hurricane season which begins each year on the first of June for the Atlantic. The Central Pacific season forecast was announced on May 18. This year’s Atlantic seasonal forecast was recently announced by NOAA’s Climate….


Stairways and Decks Aren’t Safe Unless their Railings Are Secure

stairways and decks secure railings

Your Home | Volume 35, Number 1 You’re standing in the basement waiting for a friend, who is following you down the stairs. Missing a step, your friend reaches for the railing, which breaks away from the wall. This will not end well for your friend, who may be seriously injured or worse; and it….