2021 Years In Service Awards

Criterium Engineers 2021 Years in Service Awards were presented by David Leopold, Criterium Engineers President, during closing ceremonies for the multiday Criterium Engineers Conference, a virtual event held in late September for affiliate (franchise) office principals and their employees from across North America, as well as headquarters employees.

The biennial event had been scheduled to occur in Portland, Maine, but organizers decided to make the event a virtual one due to the ongoing COVID pandemic.

Following are our 2021 Years in Service Awards presented at the event.

  • These awards recognize the longevity of the current owner of an office.
  • In some cases, the office has been in existence for many more years.
  • We recognize 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, and even 50 years!

Years in Service – 5 Years

  • Criterium – Bennett Engineers (NH)
  • Criterium – Carlysle/Gibbs Engineers (AL)
  • Criterium – Kessler Engineers (AZ)
  • Criterium – Yancy Engineers (No. Houston, TX)

Years in Service – 10 Years

  • Criterium – Cincinnati Engineers (OH)
  • Criterium – Schimnowski Engineers (MN)
  • Criterium – Yancy Engineers (So. Houston/Galveston, TX)

Years in Service – 20 Years

  • Criterium – Dotson Engineers (Dallas/Fort Worth, TX)
  • Criterium – Peters Engineers (PA)

Years in Service – 30 Years

  • Criterium – Rommes Engineers (TN)

Years in Service – 50 Years

  • Criterium – Ackerman Engineers (OH)
  • Criterium – Stalnaker Engineers (WV)

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