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Why Join Criterium?

Criterium Engineers was created for licensed Professional Engineers and entrepreneurs who want to run their own consulting engineering business. Engineers open a Criterium office for:

  • Increased financial opportunity. We give you the tools to be successful; the profits are yours
  • Ability to do things according to a proven system without making the mistakes that small business owners commonly make.
  • The chance to affect people's lives in a positive way
  • The challenge of creating and building something new.
  • Opportunity to build equity in a business that can be sold someday. Your own business becomes a retirement plan or a source of capital for your next venture.
  • A unique franchise.

Criterium Engineers is for those who like field work and like to have a direct effect on peoples' lives. Few engineers have the opportunity to work one-on-one with the end user of their service. We at Criterium do, helping people make informed decisions, saving them money, and sometimes even saving their lives.

"For me, Criterium Engineers blends the independence  and freedom of a small office with the support and security of a large national organization."  Gary Caruso, P.E.

The franchise business structure is an ideal way for doing business in the new millenium. It gives you, the business owner, the resources and ability to operate as a large firm with the flexibility and low overhead of a small one. The guidance provided by Criterium Engineers allows you to make decisions quickly and confidently in a rapidly changing world.