Envelope Commissioning: Fort Benning Martin Army Community Hospital


 A 750,000 sq. foot, eight-story hospital constructed on this Georgia army base.


The building was designed to incorporate the energy-efficiencies and sustainable construction methods required to be rated highly under the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) program.  The areas of vegetation on the green roof made the roofing assembly both unique and uniquely complicated, requiring, among other measures, infrared and vector mapping to identify moisture intrusion.  We worked closely with the architect and the contractor (Turner Construction) to modify the design to make sure that all the exterior transitions from one material to another were waterproofed, watertested, and watertight.


This project drew on Criterium Engineers’ extensive knowledge of building materials and construction techniques, as well as our ability to solve complex structural problems.  Criterium is one of the few consulting engineering companies in the country with engineers qualified to work on buildings seeking LEED certification.