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Owning a Consulting Engineering Business

It’s a simple choice.

A job for life no longer exists.  Employers today are more likely to downsize than to protect workers.  Job advancement is a function of what’s available within the company or requires changing jobs.  Work is assigned to you.  New opportunities require a commitment of your own time and most engineering management positions require engineers to work 55+ hours per week.  Retirement funding is dependent upon Social Security and how much you can save in your 401k.

If you own your own consulting business:

  • You can’t be fired.
  • You are master of your own fate.
  • Compensation is unlimited – a function of your own focus and commitment, efficiency, creativity and effort.
  • Chart your own course, pursuing those activities that interest you most.
  • Work when, where, as hard as, and for as long as you want.
  • You are the beneficiary of your hard work, in the short term and as you build equity in a business that can be sold in retirement.

Starting your own business should be carefully considered.  Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you have an entrepreneurial passion and 100% commitment? (or are you simply looking to get out of your current job)
  • Can your personal financial position sustain you during the startup phase? (take self funding of employer benefits into consideration as well)
  • Are you self-disciplined to focus on your business full-time and not be compelled to complete personal and domestic tasks instead because there is no accountability?
  • Do you have the support of your spouse or other important people in your life?

If you remain committed to owning an engineering consulting business.  At Criterium Engineers, we are in the shelter business – the buildings in which people live and work every day and our services will always be needed.

We enhance people’s lives through an improved understanding of the buildings in which they live and work.

Criterium Engineers is the leading provider of consulting engineering services for building owners, builders, buyers, managers and developers.  Criterium Engineers provide:

  • Building diagnostic/problem solving
  • Construction dispute resolution
  • Litigation consultation
  • Maintenance planning and infrastructure for HOA’s and condo associations
  • Residential, commercial and retail building inspections
  • A review of new construction plans and designs