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Is Being a Criterium Engineer Right for You?

The PERFECT Criterium candidate…

            LOVES BUILDINGS!

To be a Criterium Engineers franchisee, you must be a licensed Professional engineer, Registered Architect, or employ a P.E. in responsible charge.  Criterium Engineers is the only franchise to have that requirement.  This standard alone set us apart from all other franchises.  The attainment of your license is a distinction and acknowledgement of your expertise and ensures that your work is professional and exacting.

The ideal owner is either a civil, structural, mechanical or electrical engineers who is also something of a generalist when it comes to buildings.  Engineers with a background in design, construction management or facilities management at the executive or higher level are common within our organization.

Alternatively, the ideal owner is an executive with business, marketing/sales and leadership  experience in an engineering, construction or facilities company.

Any professional considering ownership should understand time utilization and basic financial accounting.

To be successful, you must enjoy direct contact with clients and be able to communicate your ideas clearly and effectively.  Building relationships and helping your community should be highly desired.

Are you creative?  Knowledgeable?  Pragmatic?  Our clients look to us not only for our expertise but also for our ability come up with effective solutions to their problems.

Owning a Criterium office is not about just creating another job.  It is focused action on building a company and possessing the skills to handle risk.  That requires persistence, resilience, and resourcefulness.

Other ideal owner attributes:

  • Strong New Worth - $350,000+
  • Liquidity - $150,000+
  • Wants a reasonable cost of entry and a reasonable ROI 

Profile of a Franchisee