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Business and Risk Management

General business support is provided to you in many ways. In addition to consulting with offices on issues such as contracts, fees, and human resource issues, the following resources are made available:

  • Toll-free phone support with our management staff.

  • Professional Liability Insurance/General Liability Insurance. Criterium Engineers allows you to participate in its master Professional Liability Insurance and Self-Insured Retention Fund. The insurance, covering inspections, design, and environmental assessments carries protection limits of $2 million per claim and $4 million per year, aggregate. The cost to each owner is roughly half of what similar coverage might cost a small consulting practice, with higher limits and lower deductibles, if it were even available. General Business Liability Insurance is also available. Coverage also includes free legal advice from Donovan Hatem LLP.

  • Approved Accounting Software (QuickBooks Pro). Gives you the tool you need to manage the finances of any Criterium franchise, whether you are billing $350K or over $1.5 million and regardless of your service offerings.

  • Printing and Other Discounts. The group buying power of Criterium Engineers is passed through to you in the form of discounts on printing, commercial software, books, and other resources.

  • Standard Agreements. Standard agreements for subcontractors, employees, contract, and inspections are all available electronically and in hard copy.